Tracking and Data Transfer Systems
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Tracking and Data Transfer Systems

Knowing where your diver, ROV, AUV, or ASV are can be a real challenge. Fortunately, CPC has years of experience with underwater acoustic tracking and we offer two excellent small and lightweight systems.

Diver6: Acoustic Tracking and Underwater Diver Navigation System

Diver6 uses state-of-the-art acoustic wave technology to transmit data between topside and diver, ensuring accurate diver navigation. The single Topside Modem is both an acoustic modem and an ultra-short baseline acoustic system using multiple transducers packaged into a single housing to detect the range, bearing, and communication path to the diver.





Diver6 Data Sheet

SeaTrac: Acoustic Positioning USBL Beacons, Transponders, and Data Modems for Diverse Underwater Applications

For underwater data exchange, positioning, or Acoustic positioning USBL beacons, transponders, and data modems that are perfect for diverse underwater applications, look no further than SeaTrac. Each system packs into a single shipping case and is very affordable!



SeaTrac Data Sheet

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