Whale Disentanglement
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Whale Disentanglement

Marine mammal entanglements are a result of fishing nets and other debris in our oceans. Whales and dolphins can become entangled in nets and lines that endanger their health and our oceans’ natural habitats. When a marine mammal becomes entangled specially trained teams are deployed to free the mammal. Disentanglement missions are naturally very hazardous.


In July 2015, an entangled whale was spotted off the California coast. A team from the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary immediately responded. The NOAA Research Vessel Fulmar was deployed to assist the whale.


The R/V Fulmar crew, led by CPC Captain Chris Eubank, deployed a small boat to assist the whale. Captain Eubank managed to get close to the whale and cut the lines and nets endangering the whale. CPC is proud of the service provided to protect the well-being of marine mammals off the U.S. coasts.


A media report covering this whale disentanglement operation performed by CPC is available here.


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