Diver Evaluation
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Diver Evaluation

Diving is one of the most hazardous activities and jobs within the US Military. Getting divers home to their families is a top priority. Recognizing this, the U.S. Navy purchased a few Diver6 systems for testing and evaluation in 2015.


The U.S. Navy technical evaluation is being conducted by EOD, MDSU, and UCT teams. Results from their testing continue to shape the system’s operational features to better support the U.S. Navy diving operations and improve diver safety.


With systems deployed on both East and West coasts, our engineering team has implemented significant improvements including diver assist, diver latitude/longitude position, directing a diver to predetermined locations, hardware design improvements, and battery changes to allow for compliant airplane transport of the Diver6 system.


The U.S. Navy recently published an article on their testing and potential adoption of the groundbreaking Diver6 system. The U.S. Navy article can be accessed here.


Contact Alex Dowell for more information on the Diver6 diver tracking system.