Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform
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Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform

Since 2021, CPC has been providing architectural guidance, data management, and applications development for the Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platoform (GOMOD), an Esri ArcGIS Hub application inspired and housed by The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA). GOMA is a partnership network dedicated to working on issues common to the Gulf region. The members of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance include state and federal agencies, tribal governments, communities, academic organizations, businesses, and non-governmental organizations in the region.


The overarching goals of the Alliance continue to be; providing forums for collaboration, developing and modifying tools to address regional issues, enabling strategic partnerships, and tracking restoration efforts. This also makes a perfect ArcGIS Hub application, as GOMA has over 1000 members from almost 200 organizations, most of which already use and manage geospatial information.


CPC has been building and growing GOMA’s ArcGIS Hub in three main ways; 1) curating and publishing a collection of Theme Maps, each with open data shared by authoritative sources, 2) Supporting specific GOMA Communities of Practice (CoP’s), such as Oyster CoP, by facilitating a single map application for their data sharing efforts, and 3) providing a place to ‘house’ all the other GOMA Tools that have been developed over time, all in one place.


In short, GOMA is not hosting data, but rather connecting people and communities to authoritative data from around the Gulf, and providing geospatial resources and maps to boost geospatial collaboration across the region.